About elaceite

What does it mean to be pretty or to be beautiful after all?

Elaceite began with a simple question often asked in the field of aesthetic medicine.

We have tried painstakingly for nearly 7 years and with 50 thousand clinical patients in search of an answer to that one simple question. In the spring of 2020, we resolved to present our answer, as Elaceite, to help people make the best and the wisest decision for maintaining health and beauty.

Words from the Founder of Elaceite

Human beings are not merely the sum of cells. The composition of human body is way more complicated than the sequencing of cellular differences and non-cellular components. As various systems subsequently complete the composition, the interaction within these systemic micro-universes also creates a kind of natural beauty. The passion and the pursuit of this natural beauty is originated from self-preservation and a self-sustaining instinct.

Despite harmful external factors, our body has a powerful self-repair mechanism, so powerful that it is strong enough to manage distinct diseases and accidents. However, like Achilles, every one of us has his/her own weaknesses where minor discomfort may turn into severe maladies.

Research has shown that the weakening of immune system is the main cause of cancer. How to maintain the soundness of immune system has become a hot topic in recent years, considering the ubiquity of carcinogen. What modern medicine can achieve now is early diagnosis and early treatment; yet, unfortunately, relapses may remain inevitable.

Faced with all sorts of health crises, we do not need to “strengthen” the immune system. Instead, what we ought to do is to maintain the wellness of it, and this is achievable through everyday practices. If we can minimalize daily risk factors, with simple supplements our body will practice its self-healing magic.

As a doctor, I do believe in modern medicine. Yet, it has its own limit. Before we reach that limit, there is a lot we can do.

And what we can do is extremely easy and simple. Let us join hands on the path to a healthier life.