Privacy Policy

This website is owned by elaceiteTM. Before you make use of services on the website and the company, please read through our privacy policy carefully and stay tuned with any related and updated announcement. When you make use of services on the website and the company, it implies that you have read, understood, and agreed with our policy as well as its updated and revised content. It also means that you have allowed elaceite to collect, manage, and use your personal information.

We highly respect your right to privacy and endeavor to safeguard personal information you entrust with us. For you to feel at ease while purchasing and approaching information and services on the website, our privacy policy is demonstrated as below so as to protect your rights and interests:

I. Privacy Policy and the Scope of Application

The content protected by our privacy policy includes personal information collected while you approach online services. However, it does not apply to other websites nor to third parties who are not assigned to manage the official website of elaceite.

II. Information Collection, Management, and Data Use

  1. When you approach the website and its online services, we will ask you to provide personal information in order to offer the most relevant and customized shopping experience. We will not use your personal information for other purposes unless you consent to it by paper.
  2. The website will collect your name, email address, contact info., and time stamp while you use service mailbox, complete a questionnaire, and other interactive functions on the website.
  3. While you browse through the website, the server will automatically record related information, including your IP address, time spent, browser used, browsing history, etc. For us to improve our services, the records will be our references and will not be publicized.
  4. In order to provide the most relevant services, we will collect data from online questionnaires for statistical analysis. Collected statistics and data will be presented in number or by words. It will only be publicized if need be but does not involve specific personal information.

III. Information Protection

  1. The website is safeguarded by firewall and anti-virus system. We have also taken proper information security measures to protect the website and your personal information. Only authorized personnel have access to your information, and they have signed a non-disclosure agreement. Any violator of the agreement will be punished by law.
  2. If there is a need to appoint other division to provide services owing to business purposes, the website will require it to abide by its duty of confidentiality. Necessary procedure will be taken to ensure so.

IV. Related Links and Hyperlinks

The website provides links to other websites. You can enter them through elaceite; yet, these websites are not covered by our privacy policy. Please refer to the privacy policy page of that particular website.

V. Policy on Third Party Information Sharing

The website will not provide, exchange, rent, or sell your personal information to other individuals, groups, private businesses, or public sectors. The above does not include third parties who have legal basis and contractual obligations.

Proviso in the preceding paragraph includes but does not limit to:

  1. With your consent by paper.
  2. Of legal provision.
  3. To avoid jeopardy of your life, health, freedom, and property.
  4. We may provide processed data for public sectors or educational institutes for academic and statistical purposes of public interests. The data, however, will not disclose the identity of a specific individual.
  5. If you violate the website policy and possibly hinder the rights of others, disclosure of your personal information will be authorized for the purpose of identifying, contacting, or legal actions.
  6. For the interests of your rights.
  7. If a third party is assigned to data collection, management, and use, elaceite will fulfill the duty of overseeing the assigned individual and/or firm.

VI. Use of Cookie

In order to provide the most relevant and satisfying services, the website uses cookies to collect data. If you are against the use of cookies, you can manage your cookie preferences by setting the privacy level of your default browser as high. However, particular functions of the website may be disabled as some cookies are designed for the website’s intended operation.

VII. Privacy Policy and Update

The website reserves the right to update and modify privacy policy at any time. Updated policy will be announced on the website.