Terms and Conditions

I. Terms of Use

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  2. elaceite is the name of the brand and the products.
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II. Disclaimer

  1. The website endeavors to present contents with precision. Provided nutrition facts are taken from consolidated and translated academic papers, clinical reports, and news as references. The website is not responsible for any misinformation and missing information, and nor is it accountable for website users’ misuse of content.
  2. The products do not prevent illness, and nor do they cure diseases. They should not be used to replace any medication and approached as diagnosis, treatment, curing, or relief of any ailment.
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  4. Information on the website does not cover all sorts of illness, symptoms, health conditions, or any other medical matters. If you have health-related questions, please contact your doctor or advise medical professionals.
  5. Before consumption, customers ought to read through and understand the content of the product and advise your doctor or other medical professionals.
  6. Any online comments about our products posted by staff, dealers, and customers are opinions of their own. They do not show the stance of elaceite, and nor do they stand for elaceite.
  7. Before use, please carefully check the product label and wrapping. If any difference is spotted, go by the actual product label and the information provided on it.

III. Copyright

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  2. elaceite allows users to login the website for personal use. Without prior agreement on paper, users are not allowed to download and modify the website (except for cached or browsing downloadable files). The agreement does not cover as the following: 1) selling the website and the content, 2) using the website and its content for business purposes, 3) collecting forms, product descriptions, and price, 4) misusing of the website and its content, 5) downloading and copying user information for other businesses, and 6) using data collecting robots or similar technology.

IV. Privacy Policy

Users agrees to the terms described in Privacy Policy, allowing elaceite to use personal information provided by the website as described in the section.

V. Others

elaceite reserves the right to publish and modify the terms at any time on the website.